WINE ENTHUSIAST ranks Alabaster 2012 as a top wine, awarding it 97 points - Sierra Cantabria

WINE ENTHUSIAST ranks Alabaster 2012 as a top wine, awarding it 97 points

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In its April issue, the prestigious US magazine awards the highest score received in recent years by this wine, produced at the Eguren family’s winery under the Toro D.O.

International critics have once again recognized the high quality of Viñedos y Bodegas Sierra Cantabria wines. This time the celebrated US magazine Wine Enthusiast reviewed Alabaster 2012, granting it one of this wine’s best scores in recent years.

Alabaster is one of the great wines produced by the Teso La Monja winery, owned by the Eguren family and located in the Zamora town of Valdefinjas. Always in pursuit of excellence, the wines of Viñedos y Bodegas Sierra Cantabria reflect the vision of Marcos and Miguel Eguren and their commitment to the Toro D.O.

The recent vintages of this exclusive wine were recognized by the famed publication, which ranked it amongst the very best of its selected wines. Alabaster 2012 outdid previous years, boasting the top position, with 97 points.

  • Alabaster 2012 – 97 puntos
  • Alabaster 2011 – 95 puntos
  • Alabaster 2010 – 95 puntos
  • Alabaster 2009 – 94 puntos
  • Alabaster 2008 – 93 puntos
  • Alabaster 2007 – 94 puntos

Alabaster and the elegance of Toro

Teso La Monja interior patio

Alabaster is an elegant and delicate wine, like alabaster, from which it takes its name, in allusion to the vessels in which the Greeks and Egyptians stored their finest perfumes and essences. The Eguren Family has approached Tinta de Toro in the same way, a potent variety with which Marcos Eguren has taken great care in order to furnish his Teso La Monja wines with high degrees of elegance and balance.

From very old, pre-phylloxera, low-yield vines, here sustainable agriculture is practiced, with the use of natural fertilizers, and no herbicides or pesticides. After a discriminating harvest, on arrival at the winery the grapes are manually and very carefully selected by a team of people.

Pre-phylloxera vines, exclusivity, heritage and innovation are the hallmarks of this wine, which reflects the identity of a very special land, a family’s savoir-faire, and the excellence of a unique project, with the elegance and excitement that characterize the Bodega Teso La Monja winery.

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