Philosophy - Sierra Cantabria

Complicity with mother earth

The quality of the great wines is not a result of sheer luck. It requires personal effort, knowledge and passion as well of the earth and the complicity of the weather. Nothing is predominant, everything is important in order to create internationally famous wines. This is the result of hard work of a family with a philosophy that have been passed from generation to generation: to give back to the earth everything that it has given to us through the meticulous elaboration of our wines.

In Viñedos y Bodegas Sierra Cantabria we cultivate lasting relationships, those that are based on respect and generosity. We firmly believe in the meaning of giving your word, in the value of a handshake. We do not fear the "for life" but we seek it patiently, in every bond that we establish. We believe in the commitment to excellence, which is measured in every detail. In the wisdom of our ancestors, they showed us the importance of the connection with the earth. The memory that is built from affection is indelible. And it is that things, if they are well done, are forever.

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