The launch of Sierra Cantabria Otoman 2015's new white wine - Sierra Cantabria

The launch of Sierra Cantabria Otoman 2015’s new white wine

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otoman-2015The new white produced by Viñedos y Bodegas Sierra Cantabria

The new white produced by Viñedos y Bodegas Sierra Cantabria hits the market, reflecting a newfound commitment by the Eguren family to the Rioja D.O.

“Sierra Cantabria Otoman”
is the new Sierra Cantabria white that hits shelves this March, a fresh and expressive wine reflecting the identity of La Rioja’s Sonsierra region..


“Sierra Cantabria Otoman” is crafted from Sauvignon Blanc (49%), Viura (36%) and Malvasía (15%) grapes and fermented in French oak barrels of a single wine from the Vosgues area.

Sierra Cantabria embodies the essence of the Eguren family. Over a decade ago Marcos and Miguel Eguren created a white wine dubbed “Organza,” alluding to the light fabric gracing wedding dresses, denoting its silkiness and delicacy. In the same way, “Sierra Cantabria Otoman” suggests another type of silk, crafted from fabrics produced in Turkey and boasting vitality and freshness, preserving the unique characteristics of the Sonsierra area.

The purity of the terroir

viñedos-y-bodegas-sierra-cantabriaViñedos y Bodegas Sierra Cantabria wine undertaking in La Rioja and Toro aims to produce wines that evoke the character of the winery, defined by its versatility and distinct identity. Marcos and Miguel Eguren, along with their father Guillermo and the new generation, represented by Eduardo Eguren, have striven for excellence in the care they have shown the vineyard, with the utmost respect for the fruit at the winery, to turn out wines qualifying as new classics. Wines that endure over time, fusing fruit, potency and structure with elegance, freshness and subtlety.

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