San Vicente and El Puntido among the best in Decanter magazine’s top 50 Riojas - Sierra Cantabria

San Vicente and El Puntido among the best in Decanter magazine’s top 50 Riojas

Wines from Viñedos y Bodegas Sierra Cantabria receive top scores according to Wine Spectator magazine
15 February, 2016
WINE ENTHUSIAST ranks Alabaster 2012 as a top wine, awarding it 97 points
7 March, 2016
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Decanter Top 50 Rioja 2016

The British magazine ‘Decanter’ has published a list of the top 50 Rioja wines in its March edition. Wines from Viñedos y Bodegas Sierra Cantabria occupy the top 10 spots.

‘San Vicente 2011’ and ‘El Puntido 2011’ receive 97 points and ‘Sierra Cantabria Reserva Única 2011’ scores 94 points.

The Eguren family wines have once again received international critical acclaim. ‘San Vicente 2011’ occupies the top spots of this ranking, scoring 97 points, followed very closely by ‘El Puntido 2011’, also with 97 points, and ‘Sierra Cantabria Reserva Única 2011’ with 94 points.

The renowned critics Sarah Jane Evans and Tim Atkins authorize this list of the best red wines from Rioja. According to Atkins, “Rioja offers incredible quality at reasonable prices,” this is all “thanks to a new generation of wine winemakers, greater focus on vineyards origin and its identity.”

Sarah Jane says that “change is in the air” and this is partly down to’ producers who have chosen to avoid the traditional classification of crianza, reserve and so on’ so ‘this classification venerates age but does not recognize excellence.”

Sierra Cantabria Group on the search for excellence

Marcos y Miguel EgurenOver five generations, the Eguren family has been dedicated to vine cultivation, creating and producing the best wines possible. This is how we have passed things down from fathers to sons since 1870, sharing our knowledge and tradition, secrets and tricks of the trade, love for the earth and for what is ours. A chain of transmission in which we have gradually been incorporating new advances in wine-making technology in a respectful and conciliatory way.

The quality of great wines does not just come about by chance. Excellence requires effort, it requires knowledge and passion. But that alone is not enough -things that are in our hands as humans- we also rely on the generosity of the earth and cooperation from the climate.

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