The Wine Advocate Awards Teso La Monja Wines Over 90 Points - Sierra Cantabria

The Wine Advocate Awards Teso La Monja Wines Over 90 Points

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Luis Gutiérrez, a Spanish wine taster
for the influential American publication, corroborates the quality of the wide range of Teso La Monja wines produced by the Eguren family in the Toro D.O.

The American publication The Wine Advocate, a giant in the wine sector, overseen by the influential critic Robert Parker, has recognised the quality of Teso La Monja wines, awarding two labels from the Toro D.O. over 90 points, as they reflect the diversity of styles amongst the “new classics.”

ALABASTER TESO_LA_MONJA-SIERRA_CANTABRIALuis Gutiérrez, a taster for Parker in the Spanish market, placed Alabaster 2013 among the best-rated wines, with 95 points, a monovarietal of Tinta de Toro grapes obtained from low-yield vineyards featuring old vines and a painstaking approach to production. Gutiérrez defines it as “a potent wine faithful to the style of the place, but seeking elegance,” highlighting the freshness and verticality of the 2013 vintage.


Gutiérrez also gave 94 points to Victorino 2013, which he described as “like the coolest wine, and with great balance.” Marcos Eguren confirmed that “the 2013 vintage was a good harvest in Toro, resulting in wines containing less alcohol and a very good balance.”


The Toro terroir

Cepa-centenaria-02-07gt-Teso_La_Monja-Sierra_CantabriaThe Rioja family boasts over 100 hectares of vineyards in the Toro D.O., sown in the towns of Valdefinjas, Toro and Villabuena del Puente, some up to 130 years old, in the cases of the lands dedicated to the production of Alabaster and Teso La Monja. Here Marcos and Miguel Eguren work with fresher soils – clayey, with limestone veins in the subsoil – than those characterising their previous project in Numanthia. The current vineyards also have more gravel on their surfaces, face northwards, and feature longer growing seasons. All these characteristics guarantee the maintenance of their identity, freshness, and elegance.

The family’s wine-growing project in La Rioja and Toro aims to produce wines that evoke the character of the winery, defined by its versatility and pronounced identity. Marcos and Miguel Eguren, along with their father Guillermo and the new generation, represented by Eduardo Eguren, have striven for excellence in the care they have shown the vineyard and their great respect for the fruit in its cellars, to turn out wines qualifying as new classics; wines that endure over time, fusing fruit, potency and structure with elegance, freshness and subtlety.

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