SAN VICENTE 2011, named Fourth Best Wine of the Year 2015 for Wine Enthusiast - Sierra Cantabria

SAN VICENTE 2011, named Fourth Best Wine of the Year 2015 for Wine Enthusiast

The Spanish critic Luis Gutiérrez, on behalf of the renowned publication Wine Advocate, has published the scores of D.O. Toro wines.
6 November, 2015
Viñedos de Páganos, an underground cellar carved below the vineyards
23 November, 2015
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San-Vicente-S·A-SIERRA_CANTABRIASAN VICENTE 2011 was chosen fourth best wine of the year 2015 to the renowned American publication Wine Enthusiast.

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San Vicente de la Sonsierra is nestled in this privileged corner in the heart of the Rioja region, where the river Ebro and the Sierra de Cantabria go hand in hand and contribute to improving the qualities of the fruits of the land.

A town which, for many years, has known how to make the most of its excellent climatic and geomorphic conditions to adapt to the times and make the production of Great Wines its fundamental economic activity.

On the one hand, its Mediterranean climate continentalized by mild winters and gentle summers; and on the other the privileged and well looked after calcareous-clay earth, make

SAN VICENTE a unique setting for vine growing

Moreover, SEÑORIO DE SAN VICENTE always offers a great wine by selecting exclusively the tempranillo peludo grape variety. A decision which gives priority to quality over profitability and, together with the grape harvest carried out by hand in our vineyards, has made our wines a model of wine production.


In this way, by wisely combining the cultural knowledge passed down from father to sons with the new techniques that contribute to improving the quality of the end product, wine is made from a selection of grape varieties. The wine is tasted throughout the process to analyse its composition and make the right decisions to give this wine its own personal seal. And so, by putting every care and affection into daily work, San Vicente wine is born. This is a wine which offers us a different personality and in which one can appreciate, of course, the hand of man and the secrets of a family, which has been dedicated to this task for many decades.


La Canoca.

  • Municipality: San Vicente de la Sonsierra.
  • Vineyard size: 18 Hectares.
  • Altitude: 560 m
  • Topography: Flat at the foot of the Sierra Cantabria, South oriented and sheltered from the cold and wet winds from the North by the mountain range.
  • Soil type: Profound soil
  • Texture: Franc-clay, also known as calcareous-clay; excellent for top quality viticulture.
  • Active clay: 10% approximately.
  • Variety: Masal selection of our Tempranillo vine shoots.
  • Plantation: 1985.
  • Vine spacing: 2.60 x 0.85 M.
  • Fertilization: Organic fertilization.
  • Pruning: From 15.000 to 17.000 buds per hectare.
  • Harvest: Manual in boxes of up to 20 Kg.
  • Climatic conditions: Atlantic climate with Continental influences. Annual rainfall around 500 mm registered throughout the year, with hot summers and dry and cold winters. Summer thermal jump (intense heat during the day with fresh night temperatures) creates an increase in the level of polyphenols, normally associated with excellent quality wines.



  • Harvest: Exhaustive manual harvesting of perfectly mature clusters with good sanitary conditions; further selection made in the winery using a double sorting table.
  • Fermentation: 10 days with two daily pump-overs. Traditional elaboration, 100% de-stemmed. Temperature control between 28 and 30º C (82 and 86º F) with autochthonous yeast selected from our own vineyards.
  • Maceration: On the skins for 16 days. The first eight days, two daily pump-overs; after that, the frequency was reduced, finishing with a light pump-over every two days.
  • Malolactic fermentation: In barrel.


Underground, in the best natural temperature and humidity conditions, SAN VICENTE wine will sleep in a selection of 225 litre French and American new oak barrels.
During this time, the wine will develop its primary qualities and will acquire the colour and bouquet, which are characteristic of a wine that strives to obtain excellence.


San-Vicente-S·A-SIERRA_CANTABRIAOnce aged and having acquired its texture, the wine is transferred to the bottle where it will reach its full potential, rounding off its attributes and highlighting its quality. But, before seeing light, the wine has to be dressed to make its debut in society.

A luxury label for an exceptional wine.

Then, when the cork is removed, we will taste the land, the climate, the sierra, the river, …and, of course, the flavour of experience; that good work which improves over the years, a tradition which is well worth maintaining.

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