Amancio 2015 awarded 95 points by Wine Spectator - Sierra Cantabria

Amancio 2015 awarded 95 points by Wine Spectator

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14 April, 2020
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The renowned North American magazine Wine Spectator, a reference in the wine sector, has recognized the quality of the wines of Viñedos and Bodegas Sierra Cantabria in their latest publication.

Amancio 2015, from the Viñedos Sierra Cantabria winery, receives a high score of 95 points. A “harmonious and balanced red”, according to the journalist and critic Thomas Matthews, from an emblematic family vineyard. Amancio was born from extreme care in the vineyard and an artisanal production method. Made from 100% tempranillo, with manual de-stemming and traditional foot-treading, as well as fermentation and aging in French oak barrels.

A wine-growing heritage

Five generations of winemakers, their roots deep in San Vicente de la Sonsierra, have woven a saga of complicity between man and vineyard, drawing out all the potential of a unique variety, Tempranillo, going to every length necessary to transmit its expressiveness through a set of exceptional wines of the highest purity and identification with the terroir.

Marcos Eguren, heading up the oenological work, and Miguel Eguren in management, oversee a project dedicated to a quest for wines that evoke the vineyard, of great versatility and pronounced personality. Guillermo, the father of the current generation holding the wine group’s reins, considers himself, above all, a collector of vineyards. And thus have his sons have understood their work, embracing a philosophy firmly grounded in excellent care for the vineyard and the utmost respect for the winery’s fruit, to produce wines constituting new classics. Wines that endure over time, combining fruit, strength and structure with elegance, freshness and subtlety.

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