Victorino 2011 Hits the headlines - Sierra Cantabria

Victorino 2011 Hits the headlines

Viñedos and Bodegas Sierra Cantabria presents new vintages of their Rioja and Toro wines at ProWein 2014
21 March, 2014
Amancio 97 pts
15 August, 2014
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victorino 2011

“Character, identity, expression of Tinta de Toro with elegance, freshness and complexity”
Marcos Eguren

Victorino 2011 CriticsVictorino 2011 assembles fruit, power and structure with elegance, freshness and subtlety.

Our philosophy is to create wines which evoke the vineyards where they are born, wines of great versatility and personality, and wines which portray the nuances of outstanding terroirs.

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