"Sierra Cantabria Gran Reserva 2005" chosen by German critics as a top Rioja wine - Sierra Cantabria

“Sierra Cantabria Gran Reserva 2005” chosen by German critics as a top Rioja wine

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16 September, 2016
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5 October, 2016
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Wine professionals and experts awarded 95 points to “Sierra Cantabria Gran Reserva 2005” at the Best of Rioja tasting event.

Sierra-Cantabria-Gran-Reserva-2005Each year the German publisher Meininger organises a tasting featuring several European experts from the wine industry at the facilities of the company, which prints such prestigious publications as Weinwirtschaft, Sommelier, Meiningers Wine Business International and Meiningers Weinwelt.

This time the panel boasted high-level journalists and professionals, including David Schwarzwalder and Peer F. Holm. A total of 15 experts tasted some 341 Rioja D.O. wines.

Viñedos y Bodegas Sierra Cantabria came in at the top of the ranking once again, with a label from its original winery, Sierra Cantabria Gran Reserva 2005, which garnered 95 points, one of the highest scores awarded by the panel, placing it among the D.O.’s best wineries according to international critics.

Sierra Cantabria Gran Reserva 2005 reflects “the balance of maturity and the fruitiness of the Sonsierra Riojana [region], with an elegant aroma. It is tasty on the palate, with red fruit and silky and ripe tannins,” according to its oenologist Marcos Eguren.

Sierra Cantabria: the essence of the Eguren family

panoramica-Sierra-CantabriaFounded by Guillermo Eguren in 1957, the Sierra Cantabria winery is located in San Vicente de la Sonsierra, a La Rioja town with a great wine tradition and enjoying a unique location between the River Ebro and the Sierra de Cantabria mountain range.

The mother winery reflects the family’s evolution from farmers to wine producers thanks to the entrepreneurial vision of Guillermo Eguren, who, without shedding his farming roots, wished to capture the strengths and qualities of the area’s unique soil in a collection of wines.

The winery takes its name from a unique geographical conformation, at 1,200 meters above sea level, which protects the vineyards from the cold north winds and creates a unique Mediterranean-Continental microclimate, with mild winters and summers yielding the distinctive characteristics of our Rioja D.O.Ca. wines.

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