2015 HARVEST IN TORO - Sierra Cantabria


1 October, 2015
1 October, 2015
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Sierra Cantabria - Vendimia en Toro 2015-07

Good sensations during harvest time in Toro.

Teso la Monja already has all its grapes at the winery.

Sierra Cantabria - Vendimia en Toro 2015-04The 2015 harvest is over in Toro. All the grapes belonging to the Eguren Family’s operation in Toro are already at the winery, and it is now time to continue with the respectful and delicate elaboration work.

Good health, as usually characterises the Toro wine-growing region, and a good balance between the maturity of the clusters (sugar) and acidity were the harvest´s main features.

The enology of yesterday and today: Alabaster 2015.

In its transformative process must benefits from the enology of today, with techniques like cold, pre-fermentation maceration for the extraction of the aromatic and gustative compounds from the grapes, obtained in the absence of alcohol. The wine culture inherited is also respected. In this way the optimal grapes selected are fermented in small, 1,000-litre oak barrels, and the grapes are crushed underfoot, in the traditional manner, for a gentle extraction of the must, twice per day during the first days of fermentation, and once on the remaining days.

“Alabaster” will later see its malolactic fermentation completed in new barrels of French oak, and will also be aged in the same.

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