Viñedos y Bodegas Sierra Cantabria wines garner top scores in the 2017 Guía Gourmet - Sierra Cantabria

Viñedos y Bodegas Sierra Cantabria wines garner top scores in the 2017 Guía Gourmet

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The 32nd edition of the gourmet wine guide ranks Sierra Cantabria wines as among the very best in Spain.

Guia Gourmets 2017For yet another year the Guía Gourmet, now in its 32nd edition, hits the market as one of “the best and most complete manuals on Spanish wines.” According to those behind it, “the reliability and transparency of the GVG (guide) is based on its method of the blind tasting of all the wines reviewed and the consensus evaluations of the 23 members making up the Gourmet Group Tasting Committee.”

With over 4,300 wines tasted, those by Viñedos y Bodegas Sierra Cantabria once again stood at the top of the rankings, of special note being the 99 points garnered by Finca el Bosque 2014, the 98 attained by San Vicente 2013, Amancio 2013 and La Nieta 2014, and the 97 awarded to Victorino 2014.
In this way a total of 16 wines exceeded 90 points, gracing the top of the Guide’s rankings.

Wine Vintage Score
San Vicente 2013 98
Finca El Bosque 2014 99
Amancio 2013 98
Sierra Cantabria Colección Privada 2014 96
Sierra Cantabria Cuvée Especial 2012 95
Sierra Cantabria 2006 94
Sierra Cantabria Organza 2014 93
Murmurón 2015 90
Sierra Cantabria Garnacha 2013 90
La Nieta 2014 98
El Puntido 2013 96
Calados del Puntido 2012 96
Alabaster 2014 98
Victorino 2014 97
Almirez 2014 94
Románico 2014 90


The purity of the terroir

The Eguren family’s wine-growing project in La Rioja and Toro aims to produce wines evoking the special character of the winery, defined by its versatility and marked identity. Marcos and Miguel Eguren, along with their father Guillermo and the new generation, represented by Eduardo Eguren, have striven for excellence in the care they have shown the vineyard and their great respect for the fruit found in its cellars, to turn out wines qualifying as new classics. Wines that endure over time, fusing fruit, potency and structure with elegance, freshness and subtlety.

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