TESO LA MONJA presents its new corporate video THE ELEGANCE OF TORO - Sierra Cantabria

TESO LA MONJA presents its new corporate video THE ELEGANCE OF TORO

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30 June, 2015
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11 August, 2015
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The new corporate video of the Eguren family’s Toro winery conveys all the excellence of a project pursued from the outset to mark a new era in Spanish wine.

teso-la-monja-la-elegancia-de-toro-cepas2The video depicts the elegance of Toro, its landscapes, vineyards and cultural heritage, with a moving narration that transports the viewer to what is a unique land and an exceptional winery.


teso-la-monja-la-elegancia-de-toro-cepasPre-Phylloxera vines, exclusivity, heritage and innovation, are the hallmarks of a video, running slightly over four-minutes, that reflects the identity of a truly privileged place, a family’s savoir-faire, and the excellence of a unique project, with all the elegance and emotion characterizing the Teso La Monja Winery.

teso-la-monja-la-elegancia-de-toro-Marcos y Miguel Angel EgurenThe first step taken by Marcos and Miguel Ángel Eguren in Toro represented a revolution for the Toro DO (Designation of Origin), as Numanthia Termes was just the beginning of a viticultural romance between the Eguren Family and Toro’s exceptional pre-Phylloxera vines. Teso La Monja, in its 8th year, is the manifestation of that romance, dedicated to marking a breakthrough in the Eguren Family’s wine-growing history.

Teso La Monja was founded in 2007 and produces five wines: Romanico, Almirez, Victorino, Alabaster and Teso La Monja. Five wines that transmit all the power of the Tinta de Toro variety, with elegance, subtlety and freshness, attributes shared by all Eguren wines.


The new corporate video sweeps the viewer off to the hardy land of Toro, exhibiting in a stirring way the winery’s beautiful architecture and its fine materials, as it perfectly fuses the most modern and contemporary vision of producing great wines with foundations firmly rooted in experience, history and quality craftsmanship.

Wines that stand the test of time, fusing fruit, power and structure with elegance, freshness and subtlety.

Also available Teso La Monja – Viñedos y Bodegas Sierra Cantabria.

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