Sierra Cantabria CVC - Sierra Cantabria

Sierra Cantabria CVC

From the great sensations we experienced on our travels around the world, and sticking faithfully to our philosophy that great wines have to come from a great vineyard and they have to maintain the identity, character and purity of their origin, we set about creating an exceptional wine that wasn’t going to stop growing and developing over time. The average ageing of the three vintages has been 70 months, almost 6 years.

We chose a large old vineyard, which is quite exposed to the North, to provide the coolness and acidity that are indispensable for a long ageing process and an intense life. Sierra Cantabria CVC originates from the 1.49 hectare San Pelayo estate situated in San Vicente de la Sonsierra.

We started to produce and grow this wine, dreaming of achieving a wine that would be capable of maintaining character, complexity, elegance and its unique identity over time.

For me, Sierra Cantabria CVC is tradition combined with vineyard authenticity.

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