Teso La Monja - Sierra Cantabria
Teso La Monja

Teso La Monja

Teso La Monja, named after our winery in Toro Designation of Origin. Conceived with respect for the biorhythms and energies of nature. It is the result of the loving relationship between our vinegrowers family in Rioja and Toro wine lands. As the years past by our passion gets stronger.

This honest wine is conceived in a small, very old vineyard, so old that it contains ungrafted, pre-phylloxera vine plants. A vineyard of 1.8 ha. that has surprised and captivated us with its quality. The chalky soil gives the wine an unusual elegance and distinction. We follow the agricultural practices of our ancestors in the vineyard, working only with our hands at the right mo- ments at the right times to optimise the processes, preserve the principle of minimum intervention and obtain the best character and identity of the singularity of the terroir.

A team of 70 people destem the bunches, berry by berry. Once fermentation has begun in an open wooden vat, the grapes are carefully pumped over at diff erent times of the day. Malolactic fermentation takes place in a special oak vat called “Ovum”, developed by Maison Taransaud coopers, with an unprecedented ovoid shape that contributes to a silkier, more elegant and integrated wine. The wine is aged in three fi ne-grained, medium-toasted French oak barrels for 24 months, plus two months in a tank before bottling.

Tasting of Teso La Monja is a fascinating journey full of emotions, which makes you travel to that little unreleased plot. It should be kept in your memory as a precious and fragile treasure.

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