Sierra Cantabria White - Sierra Cantabria
Sierra Cantabria

Sierra Cantabria White


Viura (40 %), Malvasía (15 %) and Sauvignon Blanc (45 %).


Environmental integrated agriculture cultivation, applying a viticulture respectful with the environment, following the biorhythms of the plant.


MACERATION: Cold soaked during 10 hours
FERMENTATION: Sauvignon Blanc is fermented in French oak barrels (Vosgues area) 50% from 1 wine and 50% from a 2 wine, Viura and Malvasia fermented in stainless steel. Toasting type Burgundy Medium-High.
Temperature controled between 14 and 16º C. Fermented with autochthonous yeast selected from our own vineyards.

Drinking temperatures: 8 ºC

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