Códice - Sierra Cantabria
Teso La Monja



100 % Tempranillo, Tinto fino or Tinta del país.


Controlled old vineyards in Manchuela (Castilla).


FERMENTATION: Selected yeast (Saccharomyces bayanus). Fermentation temperature controlled between 28 and 30 ºC.
MACERATION: 8 days of maceration during fermentation with 2 daily pump-over’s. Post fermentative maceration for 6 days. Gentle extraction, one light pump-over daily.
AGING: 6 month in deposit and 6 month in French and American Bordelaise oak barrels.

Tasting notes

Ruby red with light violet in the edges of the glass. Red fruits (raspberries, blackberries) of nice intensity, coffee, toasted notes and vanilla. Well structured, balanced tannins-alcohol-acidity, fresh mature fruit in perfect conjunction with the characteristics of aging (spices, toasted coffee and noble wood). The finish leaves a pleasant memory of lightly toasted notes.

Drinking temperatures: 16-18 ºC

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